Kitchen Exhaust – The Definition of A Great Hood Cleaning Company

A great hood cleaning company goes threw the process of kitchen exhaust cleaning outlined in our other articles.

They clean up all mess and take extra time to pay attention to problem areas and water accumulation underneath your cooking equipment. hoodpay

Any Hood cleaning company worth there salt dries your kitchen hood by hand with a towel or rags. While doing so thoroughly removes all water from the hood then shines it with a stainless steel polish.

If this final process is done right your hood will gleam. My men pride them selves in there work and have competitions on how clear there reflections can be seen in the hood. This can only be achieved with the drying and shining process.

Access panels should be opened, instafinanz and any large amount of grease build up must be removed by hand. There are a lot of lazy technicians out there and this is the first thing that is skipped in most cases. This is unfortunate as most restaurant owners don’t know how there kitchen exhaust system works. Skipping this part of the cleaning process will eventually form a fire hazard ad none needs that. Especially when it is easily avoided.

Fans must be flipped to gain access to the fan blades for cleaning. Most kitchen exhaust fires start with the the fan. What happens is if there is build up of grease laden vapors on your fan blades and a bearing gets loose or the fan blades get out of wack during normal operation it may create sparks which in turn ignite the grease. If this happens say good by to your restaurant as grease burns smaller-homes so hot it may destroy pretty much everything in your kitchen.

This is why it is so important you hire a great hood cleaning company who does the job right. I just can’t stress this fact enough. If you ever want to review the NFPA 96 Codes and Standards you can view them on my website. goalkicksoccer


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