The Car or Reincarnational Statism

This article is basically an interpretation of a dream my Mom told me about that she had. Sit tight, this will be quite an allegorical ride: So, here is the basis of the dream, I miss a car ride to “success” or “the cure” that everyone else that are “winners” or “genuinely special” is taking by talking on the phone across the street seemingly oblivious to what is “happening”. With that said, I begin this article.

So, many people take the “blue Matrix pill” of a normal, uneventful life that it seems that “if everyone else is doing it, why should I not?” or to put it another way, get in the car, go where your career takes you and leave those weird “red Matrix pill” dreams alone before you get into “trouble”. So, I rhetorically ask these two questions: What is a promise of what is to come? What is the reality we control, really?

When we have normal, uneventful lives and genuinely abandon the drivers seats to our jobs, expectations from others, and say something like “I am only human”. At deeper levels, of course nothing happens except disappointment. Some get disappointed quicker than others, though. From feeling entitled to party away a college education like the people in the college cheating scandal who got caught, to the jobless, begging and homeless rates across the country of those who “fall through the cracks of the “get-by being average blue pill mentality” and have to resort to the “negative red pill mentality” as opposed redribbonlive to the “positive red pill mentality” just to survive as beings. What I mean by the “negative red pill mentality” is to know that there is more than this average existence here, yet be ultimately dishonest about it and think that one has to steal or take from others to have their own. What I mean by the “positive red pill mentality” is to know that you have to earn your way and understand fully your way out of your mess and nobody else can do it for you. After all, there is a person in the mirror that stares at you and is a thinking, feeling being that can help you, and that is you. That is an example of “the positive red pill mentality” right there! On the other hand, the ultimate “blue pill mentality” is that someone is going to do it for you ultimately. No, it does not work that way, ristomanager you have to make efforts on your own behalf to improve your reality. Where do you think that quote “God helps those who help themselves” really came from anyhow. The Christian Holy Bible is fully edited, cherry picked, homogenized and worked over by the Emperor Constantine and many other men and women. But the events in reality and the bible of nature can never be edited for content or truth, they are all there, and we will uncover them when they are ready to be uncovered. After all, one day the technology will be made to find James Riddle “Jimmy” Hoffa and his real killers anyway, however hard MATRIX CRACK everything will work to be hidden from reality, same with John Fitzgerald Kennedy and every other “mystery” and “I wonder about it” there is.

Indeed, I will bring what I am saying down: The unedited bible is within us. Reality cannot really be hidden or obfuscated from view ultimately. “The criminals may have dropped the dead bodies in concrete down to the bottom of the ocean but reality will always know what they did” and reality is the real God, the real Bible, and the real Gospel comes down to what is in reality. All our opinions, musings, and workings are is the vehicle and that is it right down to the countless human made bibles, gospels, and espousals. But, the reality beyond that is the reality, that is all I say.


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