Global Disclosure of Extra Terrestrial Life Eminent

Could It Be So?

Before some of you discard that possibility or hope to retain the notion that we upon Earth are the only physically embodied sentient beings in the known universe, let’s imagine for a moment, the implications of just such an indisputable revelation.

While a majority (over ~60% believe we are not “alone”) believe in the existence of extra-terrestrial life, there remains a crumbling edifice, a facade of sorts represented through certain powerful groups, pushing for the status quo of non-disclosure to remain in place.

I suspect they may have some valid arguments for not upsetting the mental landscape and belief systems erected to support a general well being within certain population cross-sections. Some individuals within these pro non-disclosure camps are quickly realizing the control structures can no longer be supported as the time for Earth’s dark ages to be completed has already arrived.

Implications of real disclosure run the entire spectrum of unusual possibilities. However, the residual long-term advancement of society cannot be denied and yes, history books would need to be revised. (More on that later) As a result of interaction with other far more advanced civilizations out in the cosmos, many dynamic and diverse changes would be experienced by all those touched by this world paradigm altering event.

Notwithstanding, these anti-disclosure proponents and their age-old arguments centered upon fear and forms of population control, our planet now stands ready positioned both consciously and spiritually. We stand firmly at discoveries threshold to learn of a universe teeming with life. I sincerely believe the time is now here for indisputable proof to come into the light of day for all to see and benefit from. Apparently many others in positions to allow for this disclosure to occur agree and are expediting the way forward through the media and general “leaks” of substance.

Spoon Fed to a Gourmet Banquet

Does it not seem that we are ready? Are we not seeing the clues delivered right into faces? One cannot deny the multitude of recent hints suggesting we are not alone among the sea of sparkling stars and galaxies. These hints are coming from all angles and directions. From Hollywood to the History Channel they all are serving up substantial clues. Years ago you had to go looking on the fringes of science or dabble with the various groups of UFO crazies to collect even a spoonful of information. Now, this mind-meal has become a gourmet banquet, a never ending torrent so it seems in just the last couple years. Anticipation has been building through a world population eager to confirm without a doubt, that we are not alone. For more details, please visit these sites:-

All the while, as the quality of facts and those who have stepped forward offering staggering information is simply astounding. For those who say- It’s about time! Congratulations. For those who say- Wait just a minute! Consider both sides of the coin of sound reasoning. We as inhabitants of this wonderful planet have come such a long way in our evolutionary development so much so, that we are fully capable of intelligently dealing with the full knowledge of, and actual interaction with our off-world neighbors.

Belief Systems Benefit- Not Collapse

One argument for those in the camp of non-disclosure (and who may control information release and flow) is the premise that a total societal collapse initiated by faltering faith in belief systems or religious groups would ensue world-wide. While one cannot argue against that possibility, if occurring in high enough numbers, the magnitude and benefit by-products of revelation will eventually overshadow the loss of control of huge population groups. Yes, some will not like this outcome. So be it.

We have entered a time of removing all barriers of non-disclosure, going way beyond the knowledge and confirmation that we are not alone. Again, simply look around we demand this and soon it will become second nature to expect this trait to be embodied and embraced across the globe. To those refusing to join in, life will forever be a continuing struggle- rife with personal conflict.

For the devoutly religious regardless of faith or devotion, they should not find conflict if they adopt or have a spiritually mature nature. In fact, they may find along with all of us, answers to some of life’s more perplexing questions or dilemmas. For those who question the long-term benefit to the world’s religions, consider this- Don’t we all agree that the initial point of creation began at a single point? If we agree on that one premise, then all forms of creation regardless of their current place of residence are a part of our extended family.


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