Steps to Complete Before a Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom remodel can be exciting for homeowners. Although the project itself involves plenty of work, these won’t be your only tasks. Before beginning any phase, animeloved learn about critical steps that you must complete to ensure that you prepare fully for the undertaking.

Setting a Budget

Affordability of the project defines it and sets the parameters. Before you do anything else, you must decide how much you can afford to spend or borrow to complete the bathroom remodel. Whether you’ve been saving, or you intend to finance the work, bterapiaberles you need to calculate the top dollar you expect to spend to begin planning. With this figure, you will then be ready to make major decisions about the scope of the project.

Determine Timing

Some projects are relatively simple while others will entail a torn up house for months. Before moving forward, find out the timeline of the tasks, so you know what to expect. Don’t forget to ask about other timing aspects such as ordering and purchasing materials and fixtures or custom-building items.

Plan the Renovation

Each job should come at a specific point in the project for the best outcome. Professionals know that the work should start at the top and work toward the bottom for an optimal finished result. Find out the proper sequence of tasks to prevent damaging newly installed materials.

Consider Design Options

A bathroom remodel involves a wide variety of design options. Consider your desires for the finished space as you think about the fixtures and materials you want to purchase. You might pursue a minimalist, modern look or more traditional decor. You will also need to make decisions about colors, fixture styles, cabinetry, tiles, and vanities. It’s helpful to have this space coordinate with the rest of the house for resale success.

Take Measurements

The fixtures and pieces you choose will be directly dependent on the size of the bathroom and current location of existing pipes and wiring. A small room will not accommodate oversized items. It’s also important to ensure that you choose fixtures that will fit into specific areas of the room. For more info please visit these sites:-

Hire a Contractor

If you’re handing this job off to a professional, you will need to explore various contractors to find the best one for the project. For a bathroom remodel, you will need someone with expertise in plumbing, electrical, and tiling to ensure a quality outcome.

Choose Fixtures, Cabinets, and Features

Choosing your fixtures and features will be one of the more exciting aspects of this project. Get your contractor’s assistance and recommendations to choose the best ones to fit your budget and space. Choosing a new bathtub, shower, toilet, sink, and faucet will help you overhaul the entire room.

Select Walls, Flooring, and Lighting

The walls and flooring might be a variety of materials, depending on your style and budget. Marble, ceramic, and granite surfaces are popular choices. Vinyl or cement flooring would be suitable options that are both durable and resistant to slipping. Lighting must be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Task lighting should provide a minimum of 4 watts of incandescent lighting for every square foot.


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