Put an End to Your Crazy-Busy Day and Get More Things Done

Are you being swept off your feet by the surge of new opportunities from the floodgates that opened for your business in 2012? If you feel like being pushed and pulled in every direction and you’re losing focus, then it’s time to S-T-O-P! thebusinessdays

Step back. Silence yourself through a few minutes of meditation that’ll bring you into the space of focus and calmness, and keep you out of an overwhelming “to do list”. Sit back and relax; take deep breaths and let the feeling of light, love, peace sink into you. Experience the soothing and comforting presence of the Divine spirit within you; and surrender to that voice in your heart that guides you into being sacredly productive for yourself, your family and your business. bareng88

Trim your calendar. Transform it from “slave-driver” to “sanity-keeper”. When setting your daily or weekly goals, leave enough room for flexibility and enough time for new opportunities to fill those empty spots. But not so much that you never follow through and finish something. Rather than book your whole week full for the next 6 months, and have no space whatsoever; freezing your sense of freedom, create some structures regularly; kind of like a fence and then go play within that. storygame

Optimize work output. Plan with your eyes set on strategies that will bring your goals and intentions into fruition. But don’t look too far that you lose your footing and balance. Trust that guided by divine light and wisdom, projects will be completed and meaningful aspirations will be fulfilled. Bring consciousness back to your feet, feel the bottom of your sole to know where you’re standing; to keep your balance or regain it, and to know what the next best step for you is. Move forward, one step at a time, be truly present in each activity and enjoy every minute of accomplishing tasks with ease. sportsyearly

Pack up. End the day by quieting down in a comfortable place. Bring awareness back to your body – from the top of your head, slowly down to the tip of your toes. Take deep breaths and feel your lungs expanding. Listen to your heart; reconnect with the core of your being where divinity rests and calmness emanates. Feel the joy arising from the sole remembrance that life, light, the Divine and spirit sit deeply in your heart; guides you, gives you wings; makes life and work, fun and enlightening. Then, slowly come back to the present moment; feel the energy and the goodness all around you; and carry on the next day doing beautiful, amazing work in the name of good for all. knowledgehype

So, when you find yourself spinning like a top, going in all directions; or close to a total meltdown because things aren’t going as planned, S-T-O-P! Regroup, refocus and re-center to be able to enjoy the rhythm of productivity and move in the creative flow of love. gossipcare


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