How To Potty Train Your Pup – FAQ’s

Here are some Facts and Questions you will find useful when you start to potty train your new addition to the family.

If I try and hurry the Potty Training – Will that work?

OK, let’s say it starts raining or even snowing outside and you’re hurrying your puppy to do his business. Mistake. You see, if you try and coax your puppy into doing something that he is unable to do quickly, at your command physically, (remember it takes time to poo!!) then all you’re going to achieve is resistance from your pup. He’s going to prefer doing it inside when he’s able. nahls

Is there anything that I need to be aware of?

Sounds like a silly question – but there is. Let me explain. If you have had/have infants, they let you know in their own way that they need their nappy changed – their behaviour changes. Well, it’s the same with your puppy. Puppy’s learn quickly, and with a little guidance from you on where is and where isn’t the correct place to go to the toilet, he will start to give you an indication on when he needs to go, such as closer body contact with you, smelling the door etc. Now you have an indication that it’s time to go out, he’s ready. Do so and don’t forget to praise him when he does what he’s supposed to! Also remember that puppy’s need to go to the toilet a lot more than you’d expect, so be vigilant!

Is there a special place needed?

Initially the answer is yes. Somehow, animals, like us humans, need to have familiar surroundings when feeling vulnerable, and yes, even your little puppy can feel vulnerable when it needs to do its business! Messipoker

Also pups/dogs are by nature clean animals and will often use the same place, so it’s a good idea to do so. If you have a small apartment/flat then you can quite readily train him to use a tray. Just be consistent at first. The main thing is to get your pup to poo where you want him to and not just anywhere! preferablepups

Is it a good idea to associate walking/exercise with going to the toilet?

For many dog/puppy owners this is the most effective method. The exercise loosens up the bowel action of the pup and makes it much easier for the desired outcome. However, you must remember that you will not always be able to get out and exercise your dog when he needs the toilet, so it’s important to have him trained using a special place, such as his tray, if you haven’t a garden or a place on the lawn if you do (preferably not your neighbours!)


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