The Ionic Hair Dryers

If frizzy hair is constantly ruining your day then turn your attention to the revolutionary ionic hair dryers that reduce volume, eliminate frizz and completely relax your hair for beautifully sleek and smooth styles.

Ionic technology is incorporated in almost every modern hair dryer today. Material such as ceramic and tourmaline are natural emitters of this technology which works to smooth and protect your hair from frizz and heat damage. But there is a third class of blow dryers which are purely ionic for maximum protection and the fastest styles possible. But first, 613 wig how does ionic technology work and what can it do for your hair?

The negative ions generated from the high quality heaters neutralize the positive ions responsible for dry and frizzy hair, thus smoothing your hair and leaving it manageable for posterior styling. But that’s not all, negative ions also cancel the heat’s effect on your hair and can provide soft and silky hair that is free of damage for a healthier look.

Over 90% of blow dryers sold today are ionic and you can find reviews anywhere on the Internet proclaiming just how sleek and shiny ionic dryers leave their hair. So is it worth the investment? It certainly is. But let’s not get excited over just one aspect of a hair dryer, when purchasing you must also check out the features and other important traits.

Professional blow dryers always have at least two heat settings and two speed settings. Why? Fine or damaged hair should be dried on low heat and speed settings, but thick hair may require more power to dry in optimal time. This is important to shield your locks from heat damage and having control over the power and heat will give you a better chance at maintaining healthy hair.

Most quality dryers offer a convenient cool-shot button to cool hair quickly and hold a hair style, a diffuser to decrease frizz or a concentrator nozzle to refine certain areas of hair. Many products also include a removable air filter to clean out accumulated lint so the dryer won’t overheat and break down. Several users also emphasize the importance of a dryer’s weight, and experts say consumers should look for a hair dryer that is light and easy to maneuver for a comfortable experience.


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