Parking Garage Cleaning Tips

Parking garages are subjected to high traffic and pollution from vehicles every day of the year. As a result they can quickly build up with pollution from these vehicles on walls and ceilings, and floor areas can have dirt brought in by cars and other vehicles along with oil and grease deposits. Regular maintenance is essential to keep parking garages looking good and presentable for any establishment.

Regular sweeping and scrubbing of the car park performed at least on a monthly, ideally weekly or even a daily basis will help keep a parking garage properly maintained and help prevent dirt, oil and grease and other contaminants penetrating into the pores of the concrete slab and become much more difficult to remove. However after a while a deep clean will be required to restore the concrete floor and walls and ceiling in the parking garage. This is when pressure washing is the only solution.

When cleaning a parking garage, you will need to make sure that you have enough man power and the proper machinery and equipment to undertake the works and get it completed within a limited timeframe. Ideally you will want to have the works done within a day or two to avoid or minimize the disruption to the customers and the public.

Possibly the biggest issue and the issue that presents the most challenge for contractors or cleaning companies is the issue of waste management or wastewater management to be more specific. A proper filtration system is an absolute must and if you don’t have the proper systems to separate solids and contaminants before legal disposal you will be fined significantly. pittsburgh seo company

Another major factor you will need to overcome is finding a water source. Sometimes the only water source available is in the form of a water hydrant which may need to have a back flow device and a permit in order to use.

The other issues that need to be taken into considering include ventilation. Many basements are poorly ventilated and you may need to supply fans to prevent your employees becoming light headed or dizzy after spending a long shift in a poorly ventilated environment with exhaust fumes.

Also the cleaning task themselves need to be considered. The ceilings often have delicate electricals or water or other pipes and conduit which may need extra care. They may need to be hand cleaned in some areas. Also you will need to assess the stains on the floor, tire marks, oil and grease are a given, however there may be a host of other stains such as rust, food and drink, urine and much more.


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